…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

What? Clay Aiken? But he’s in a Broadway musical! How can this be?

NEW YORK (AP) – Clay Aiken is finally confirming what many people already knew: He’s gay. The cover of the latest People magazine shows Aiken holding his infant son, Parker Foster Aiken, with the headline: “Yes, I’m Gay.” The cover also has the quote: “I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things.”

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Next People mag’s investigative wing is going to uncover that Ruben Studdard was black!  I don’t know what to believe anymore!


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More notes while watching American Idol (again)

  • According to Paul Stafford of Crosby, TX “Simon goes down on just about everyone”
  • I just saw Simon take a drink.  I only remember seeing one of them ever touch any of those cups.  Paula gave someone a drink on a show on a previous season.  It wasn’t Coke though.  It was clear.  I’m guessing vodka.     
  • The dude from Mississippi (with the fingernails) sounded good.  I was surprised at the reaction.
  • I have watched my last dude in a dress.  Going to bed. 

Judging by the search terms to get to the Bug…  I’m not the only 12 year old that laughed at this. 

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Notes while watching American Idol tonight

  • Did the dude from Egypt on American Idol just say: “I want to love a girl from the hair to the nipple.”?  [Hitting TIVO] Yes.  Yes, he did.
  • MC Hammer and Randy buy their glasses at the same place.
  • Milo Turk (dude with the fuzzy vest) was ripped off. A bald guy with a porn star mustache singing about not having sex?  And they are not even going to vote on him?  
  • Bearded men simply do not wear enough capes.  I’m not just talking about the Dell tech support dude dressed in the crazy bikini.  I just mean that in general. 
  • The chick in the gold with the big white hat looks exactly like JJ ‘Kid Dy-no-mite’ Walker.  Not that this is bad.  Just exactly like JJ, that’s all.
  • I think they should let the girl with the glitter that is going to go into “actressing” and the Princess Leah chick with the polka dots wrestle for a ticket to Hollywood. 
  • The cage fighting chick from Oregon and the kid with the dreads from Delaware look like an early favorites.

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