…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Wait till I tell you about the pound of blow they had to snort for the good of the people

Suspended cop: Sex with prostitute wasn’t fun, it was work (link)

Thank you, Beaumont, TX for providing us with today’s cop story.  I miss the days when police just pulled kids over on 12th street in Moore, OK and harassed them about a broken tail light.  But these dudes… Man, they really go all in for their work! 




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I guess Hillary Clinton was right They ARE an important part of our economy

Amid a surge of American kidnappings at the U.S.-Mexico border, a survivor’s story. (link)

As Mrs. FullBug said last night when we saw this story on CNN; “They’re doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.  Think of all that ransom money going uncollected.  Why can’t we just leave them alone and let them try to make a living?”  Then she called me a racist for saying that I’d rather illegals from another country not kidnap Americans and demand money for their safe return.

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How many Ick’s does it take to get to the center of football pick ’em greatness

Girl, you know it's true

Girl, you know it

Zero.  I am it.  As you may recall I’m sort of a big deal when it comes to picking college football games. (link)  Please see the above picture of 2006’s award ceremony with Rob (Milli) and Fab (Vanilli impersonator Eugene Preston) moments before they awarded me the college football pick ’em award.  This year, Ick of Ickscorner is inviting the Bug to his football pick ’em extravaganza.  This is likely to be OU / Texas 2003 all over again.  See you in the winner’s circle.

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Picked up Mrs. Fullbug at the Nashville airport last night

"Pretty boring really. I stayed in my room most of the time."

MFB went to some leadership in medical blah, blah thing in New Orleans on Sunday.  I helped her unpack her bag after I picked her up.  I asked her why she bought beads.  Said she didn’t buy them.  That’s normal, right?   

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“That deaf, dumb, blind kid sure plays some real hardball”

An Open Letter to the Old Fort Parkway Wal Mart in Murfreesboro, TN
Wal-Mart, More Hanna Montana than you can stand. Well, that's onr CD but you know what I mean.

Wal-Mart, More Hanna Montana than you can stand. Well, that's one CD but you know what I mean.

I find myself at a Wal-Mart about once a year.  Last night was this year’s time.  ‘Hoot’ (at about 4 years old) decided that she loves The Who.  So, I figured, a Who CD is just what that Disney, Cinderella, ‘Children’s Sunday School Sing-Along’ CD collection of hers needs.  I don’t know if it’s Roger Daltrey’s voice, Pete Townshend’s guitar, Keith Moon’s frantic drum pounding… Dunno.  I’ve never liked them that much.  But whenever they come on the radio in the truck or we pass by one of the dozens of commercials with their music in the background, she starts dancing and telling me to “keep it on this”.  Pretty remarkable, really.  I know their place.  Without them and Led Zep, rock music would be much different today.  So, to the CD section I go.

Hannah Montana, Weezer, Jay Z, Timberlake, crap FM fill in the blank blah, blah, blah… Nothing from The Who!  I checked again.  What the?  So, I get this kid with a name tag that was working on some high school honeys to help out.  I asked him if they have any of their CDs.  He looked at me like I slapped him.  Remember when Macaulay Culkin was pounding Uncle Buck with tons of questions in the kitchen?  It kind of turned into that. 

Me: Hey, man.  Do you have any CDs from The Who?

Kid: The what?

Me: No, The Who.

Kid: Blank stare

Me: You know… Moon, Daltrey, The Who!  (Blank stare) Won’t Get Fooled Again? My Generation? The Kids are Alright? Behind Blue Eyes? Whooooooo Are You?  Who? Who? Who? Who?

Kid: (cricket sounds)

I’m e-mailing someone in a red vest today.  I did see this while I went back out to check on my tire!  I think it’s like Corn Nuts.  Part corn part nuts all delicious.  I wonder how many deer it takes to make a bag this big

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I want this doctor!

You're not eating enough butter, Bug.

I’ve been sick for a week.  No updates here, no work, no Bean, no anything.  Watching TV last night and I see this!  That’s why I’m still sick.  My doctor would never stroll through a hospital sucking on a lung dart.  This doctor could fix me.  This dude would “prescribe” me a shot of bourbon, a carton of Camels and tell me to pay the dame out front.

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Is this the right question?

Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess

Does Sony’s cartoony castle game cross the line? (link)

Saw this article online today.  Odd thing to upset the fems over.  Sure, it does add to the stereotypes and the minds of little girls, big girls, and people in general over body image.  As a fat guy with a blog, I understand.  I do.  Really.  But is this the biggest problem?

I guess you pick your wars.  Pointing fingers at the Japanese (who don’t understand our culture) and provide us with hour after hour of great video of their ridiculous pop culture game shows is easier than looking at the enemy within.  So, I’ll sign up.  Booo filling a princess with cholorestrol.  Hooray Grand Theft Auto for giving extra points for stabbing hookers after you steal their money and beat them!  Japan, when will you learn?  Steal a Corvette and drive over a woman on the street, highest selling game of the year, not a peep from the fems.  Feed a princess some cake slathered with 7 minute frosting, get picketed.  God bless ugh… Nevermind. 

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The only “buddy” I’ve made online that didn’t cost $4.99 a minute

Genius level commenter, Ick, continues his insistence that Stanley Goldstein loves him some punching small babies in the face.  Something that made Mrs. Fullbug crack up as she read his comments in TheSportsbean’s Tennessee headquarters last night.  *Oklahoma branch has been quiet since JY found a way to break his notebook last week. 

To read more from the keyboard of this forward thinking intellect, click the obnoxious pic below. 

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Throw down time!

Recently, SPORTSBEAN.COM expired and went into a domain name auction. We acquired it and, since you own the theSPORTSBEAN.com version of this domain name, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to own the preferred SPORTSBEAN.COM version.

Our company specializes in recovering preferred expiring domains and either selling them to individuals such as yourself or building out our own web presence on those valuable domains.SPORTSBEAN.COM is a pretty darn good domain name and, the truth is, the SPORTSBEAN.COM is a far stronger version of the name than the theSPORTSBEAN.com is.


SPORTSBEAN.COM is more intuitive and easier to remember.  Odds are people trying to get to your website are inadvertently going to SPORTSBEAN.COM because they assume that’s where they can find you. SPORTSBEAN.COM conveys Professionalism that theSPORTSBEAN.com cannot match.

If you’d like to own SPORTSBEAN.COM, you can buy it now by covering our acquisition costs and a modest profit.


Please advise,Ken Palm

iTime Marketing, Inc
322 N. Main Street
Davenport, IA 52801

My reply:

Subject: RE: SPORTSBEAN.COM [THESPORTSBEAN.COM@domainsbyproxy.com]
From: <Scott_Herndon@Dell.com>
Date: Thu, July 24, 2008 1:08 pm
To: askthebean@thesportsbean.com


First thing, “professionalism that thesportsbean.com cannot match”?  You’ve obviously never been to this site.  I defy you to go there and find one instance of the ‘Bean attempting to be professional.  Just hang on to it, Ken Palm.  Maybe you can do something with it.  Make a site at sportsbean.com.  I’m afraid you’ve jumped the wrong claim, my man.  What you didn’t know is that the staff of theSprotsbeam.com has taken a solemn vow to always use an “article” before our websites.  That explains our other sites like TheThelionthewitchandthewardrobefanclub.org and others like it.  If we bought your site (which is really our site) we would have to attach another article in front of it like anSportsbean.com or some such nonsense like that.  Now, you’re not even making any sense at all, Ken Palm. 

I’ll tell you what.  We’ll agree to meet up in some alley and have a dance off to see who gets it.  Good luck, man.  Me and the entire staff of the ‘Bean gots mad dancing skillz.  We can do it up there in Iowa.  I don’t even care.  Let me know.  – www.theSportsbean.wordpress.com

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Somewhere in Murfreesboro, Tn, there is a man that is hating life!

"Dad said you were an idiot"

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How to not get ahead in business

Let’s say you’re out with the family for a Sunday afternoon drive.  If you go down a main street in your town, drive through some scenic countryside, and wind up at an intersection that you remember from the after dark attempt to find your manager’s house for a Christmas party… Don’t say to your wife that you remember this and you bet you can find your manager’s house.  Half an hour later, you will.  You’ll also realize that he’s on a dead end road and you really have to be looking for his place to “happen to drive by”. 

Not sure what told me this was a good idea but there it was.  Nice place.  Beautiful area.  We drove by and Hoot wanted to play at the playground (swing set in the backyard).  We turned around at a maple syrup advertisement(log cabin down the road).  On the way back, there was a little change.  Seems the boss had been grocery shopping or something.  Big silver SUV in the driveway with the hatch up and paper bags in the back.  I drive by kind of paralyzed.  I figure, giant red head with a bright orange shirt on in my black Explorer with the Georgia Bulldog sticker in the back glass.  He, uh… He may notice it’s me.  So, I hit the gas pretty hard.  The six year old was wondering what we had stolen and why we were peeling out of there so fast.  I said something about the iron being left on or something.

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Consumer tip

Goodbye forever, Bumb!

Goodbye forever, Bumb!

When buying a cake at Publix on Memorial in Murfreesboro, TN, proofread the stuff before you get home.  Hoot (the 6 yr old) had a bump removed from her leg at Vanderbilt on Friday.  Surgery went well. The big, big welcome home cake didn’t go as well.  She has a brand new diploma from kindergarten so she does know a few things.  Among those are… A cut leg = bad.  A cake that she doesn’t know how to read = good.  Hang in there, Hoot.

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What Else Jesse Jackson Said on That FNC Tape

Jackson_7_16.jpgFrom Mediabistro.net today: A TVNewser has been sent the transcript of what Jesse Jackson said Sunday morning July 6, as he prepared for an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend. Below is the partial transcript we received in our tips box, and confirmed to be authentic by Fox News Channel representatives.

Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling n—s how to behave.

So, yes. Jesse Jackson did use the “N” word. But it was not directed at Barack Obama. Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have maintained there was more on the tape, but that the un-aired portion was not relevant to the issue at hand: about whether Obama was “talking down” to the black community.

Wow!  Two things come to mind.  One- Jackson is an enormous racist and racists usually use the word “nigger”.  No real sup rises here.  Second thing- Are we to assume that it is okay to call the entire black community “nigger” but since he didn’t call Obama “nigger” that’s okay? 

Where are you now, Sharpton?  Get your marching shoes on.  I would say time to demand Jessie’s job like you did Don Imus (never said “nigger”) but since Jackson’s job is stirring racism making millions from Rainbow PUSH and appearing on TV with you, I won’t hold my breath.  Want to bet you’d be hearing something about this if Limbaugh or ANY other white conservative say this.  Remember the conversation Rusty Griswold had with the girl in Germany on European Vacation?  “Those bells haven’t rung in years…they’re going to hang somebody”

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Ate lunch at the desk today

If I ever become a rapper, I have found my name.  Easy Mac in the house!

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Longhorn fan, Guy that got to see Van Halen on their last tour (and I didn’t) and buddy from the interweb that I have never met

Until I can figure out how to get the RSS feed to work, here’s your plug, Ick.  Click the picture that is still making Tex Schramm sick from his vantage point and read what the Bug starts his day with.  Polls, quotes, different sections, and a really good sports site.  Kind of like the Bean except for the polls, quotes, sections, insight, and quality. 

Why does the wind blow so much in Oklahoma? (inside Okie joke)


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Can you believe these jackasses?

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Finally! Someone has had enough of the crooked New Orleans police dept!

The face of corruption

The face of corruption

Never mind your stories of mass abandonment and looting from police “officers” during Katrina.  Looks like the days of bribery and unbridled corruption throughout the NOPD is over!  See story below.


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…and the Dems want the gov to provide my healthcare?!

Shock:  IRS Flooded With Calls About Stimulus Checks (link)

Maybe the US Post Office can start delivering pizza too.  I think I’m going to quit my job and let them do everything!     

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UGA\'s reaction to seeing Reggie Ball lead the Jackets on the field, with the ladies, and being the greatest mascot in all of sports.

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“Sorry folks, park’s closed. The moose out front shoulda told ya.”

Took this pic while scanning through my hotel TV in Portugal.  Glad they put the parental advisory sign on “Reality Porn 2”.  Sometimes you just can’t tell!

Thanks for the warning

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