…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Hey Dad! The Bimbo lady is here!


I’ll lay odds that this company has a hard time getting women delivery drivers.


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The Learning Academy in Murfreesboro, Fantastic!


So, Mrs. Fullbug goes to the dentist.  There is no parking spot.  Next door? Someplace called The Learning Academy with an empty parking lot.  MFB does what anyone would do.  When she comes out, she is greeted with the following day brightener under her windshield wiper.  5 and 1/2 hours later, the Impala has still not turned into the threatened amphibian.  Maybe they should call it “The Lernin’ Academy”.  Maybe you should think twice before you send your little darling to this joint.  “Your” now warned.  Ribbit.

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Famous Chinese Restaurant in Smyrna, TN loves irony

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Can you imagine?!

You want a rolling depiction of misery?  Please see state’s evidence 1A (below). 

I pass this car at least once a week on the morning drive to Nashville.  In case you can’t read it… Yes this license plate reads; “AIRSPLY”.  Every time I pass her, I imagine her grooving to “All Outta Love” as she imagines what prom would have been like if Billy Jackson had asked her instead of Sarah! 

Anyway, long story slightly longer, I passed this chickie today and see her just letting some poor guy have it!  I don’t know what he did but he must have done a lot of it!  Poor guy.  Whoever you are, you are allowed to punch your boss, co-workers, the lunch counter lady, toddlers, and anyone else you come across right in the face.  I can’t imagine what that drive was like for you this morning.  Listening to this broad scream about socks on the living room floor while “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” is rocking the CD player.  This makes me laugh and cry at the same time.  What forms of suicide went through this guys head?

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Somewhere in Murfreesboro, Tn, there is a man that is hating life!

"Dad said you were an idiot"

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How to not get ahead in business

Let’s say you’re out with the family for a Sunday afternoon drive.  If you go down a main street in your town, drive through some scenic countryside, and wind up at an intersection that you remember from the after dark attempt to find your manager’s house for a Christmas party… Don’t say to your wife that you remember this and you bet you can find your manager’s house.  Half an hour later, you will.  You’ll also realize that he’s on a dead end road and you really have to be looking for his place to “happen to drive by”. 

Not sure what told me this was a good idea but there it was.  Nice place.  Beautiful area.  We drove by and Hoot wanted to play at the playground (swing set in the backyard).  We turned around at a maple syrup advertisement(log cabin down the road).  On the way back, there was a little change.  Seems the boss had been grocery shopping or something.  Big silver SUV in the driveway with the hatch up and paper bags in the back.  I drive by kind of paralyzed.  I figure, giant red head with a bright orange shirt on in my black Explorer with the Georgia Bulldog sticker in the back glass.  He, uh… He may notice it’s me.  So, I hit the gas pretty hard.  The six year old was wondering what we had stolen and why we were peeling out of there so fast.  I said something about the iron being left on or something.

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Can you believe these jackasses?

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