…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Go, Barry!

I’m inspired that my president is talking baseball with Tim and Joe in the press box of the All-Star game. Maybe he can make that his job. Now. Please.

Oh, it’s inspiring because he’s half white and I’m white and it’s not racists when white people notice that or is it black people? I forget who’s allowed to notice race. I’m pretty sure it’s me.


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Yawn- I am the champion, my friends… (again)



See also Link provided  <– 

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Goodbye to a legend

News today from Athens, Ga of Larry Munson’s immediate retiring.  Munson was a legend in college football and will be missed all over Dawgdom.  The 85 year old has been calling only home games since last year but health problems must have gotten worse.  I can think of nobody (save cousin Ken) that would rather be there than Munson for a home game against unbeaten Alabama. 

Already miss him.  <– Click link for some greatness.

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When did Steve Spurrier start coaching hockey for Slovakia? Well, a 1996’ish Spurrier anyway

Bulgaria gives up 139 shots on goal in 82-0 women’s hockey loss (link)

Wow! They averaged one goal evey 44 seconds!  The best part (from the AP version of this story) was the report that the Bulgarian coach pulled the goalie after 76 goals.  Man, that 77th goal must have been really soft!

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You are correct, Sir! I mean… Bean.

Ick’s pick ’em contest is on!  Please go to www.GodIsASoonerFan.com (link) to join the fun!


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How many Ick’s does it take to get to the center of football pick ’em greatness

Girl, you know it's true

Girl, you know it

Zero.  I am it.  As you may recall I’m sort of a big deal when it comes to picking college football games. (link)  Please see the above picture of 2006’s award ceremony with Rob (Milli) and Fab (Vanilli impersonator Eugene Preston) moments before they awarded me the college football pick ’em award.  This year, Ick of Ickscorner is inviting the Bug to his football pick ’em extravaganza.  This is likely to be OU / Texas 2003 all over again.  See you in the winner’s circle.

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The only “buddy” I’ve made online that didn’t cost $4.99 a minute

Genius level commenter, Ick, continues his insistence that Stanley Goldstein loves him some punching small babies in the face.  Something that made Mrs. Fullbug crack up as she read his comments in TheSportsbean’s Tennessee headquarters last night.  *Oklahoma branch has been quiet since JY found a way to break his notebook last week. 

To read more from the keyboard of this forward thinking intellect, click the obnoxious pic below. 

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Throw down time!

Recently, SPORTSBEAN.COM expired and went into a domain name auction. We acquired it and, since you own the theSPORTSBEAN.com version of this domain name, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to own the preferred SPORTSBEAN.COM version.

Our company specializes in recovering preferred expiring domains and either selling them to individuals such as yourself or building out our own web presence on those valuable domains.SPORTSBEAN.COM is a pretty darn good domain name and, the truth is, the SPORTSBEAN.COM is a far stronger version of the name than the theSPORTSBEAN.com is.


SPORTSBEAN.COM is more intuitive and easier to remember.  Odds are people trying to get to your website are inadvertently going to SPORTSBEAN.COM because they assume that’s where they can find you. SPORTSBEAN.COM conveys Professionalism that theSPORTSBEAN.com cannot match.

If you’d like to own SPORTSBEAN.COM, you can buy it now by covering our acquisition costs and a modest profit.


Please advise,Ken Palm

iTime Marketing, Inc
322 N. Main Street
Davenport, IA 52801

My reply:

Subject: RE: SPORTSBEAN.COM [THESPORTSBEAN.COM@domainsbyproxy.com]
From: <Scott_Herndon@Dell.com>
Date: Thu, July 24, 2008 1:08 pm
To: askthebean@thesportsbean.com


First thing, “professionalism that thesportsbean.com cannot match”?  You’ve obviously never been to this site.  I defy you to go there and find one instance of the ‘Bean attempting to be professional.  Just hang on to it, Ken Palm.  Maybe you can do something with it.  Make a site at sportsbean.com.  I’m afraid you’ve jumped the wrong claim, my man.  What you didn’t know is that the staff of theSprotsbeam.com has taken a solemn vow to always use an “article” before our websites.  That explains our other sites like TheThelionthewitchandthewardrobefanclub.org and others like it.  If we bought your site (which is really our site) we would have to attach another article in front of it like anSportsbean.com or some such nonsense like that.  Now, you’re not even making any sense at all, Ken Palm. 

I’ll tell you what.  We’ll agree to meet up in some alley and have a dance off to see who gets it.  Good luck, man.  Me and the entire staff of the ‘Bean gots mad dancing skillz.  We can do it up there in Iowa.  I don’t even care.  Let me know.  – www.theSportsbean.wordpress.com

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Longhorn fan, Guy that got to see Van Halen on their last tour (and I didn’t) and buddy from the interweb that I have never met

Until I can figure out how to get the RSS feed to work, here’s your plug, Ick.  Click the picture that is still making Tex Schramm sick from his vantage point and read what the Bug starts his day with.  Polls, quotes, different sections, and a really good sports site.  Kind of like the Bean except for the polls, quotes, sections, insight, and quality. 

Why does the wind blow so much in Oklahoma? (inside Okie joke)


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UGA\'s reaction to seeing Reggie Ball lead the Jackets on the field, with the ladies, and being the greatest mascot in all of sports.

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Johnny come lately, there’s a new blog in town

The Bean\'s blog

Thank you,

Bloggington J. Blogenstein III, friend of the Bean

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two and a half hours with 5 and no college football mentioned?!

Met 5 for lunch then across the way to Starbucks for some coffee and conversation. Snapped this pic of the fireplace while 5 hit the bathroom. The following is the list of categories on this blog. I’ve scratched through the ones we didn’t hit on. Great day!  *Bold type indicates when we spent the most time.  (not listed story of me almost killing myself with a gasoline fire in my backyard from the day before)   

“News stories”
Book Shelf
College Football
I’ll take that punch in the face now
Spare time
Stabbing deaths
Stupid complaint letters
The Mick
These made the man
Web brilliance
Wha had happened was…
What the…
What would you do?

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Here’s your Bean!

Click the picture for your new favorite sports site ever.  Funniest site since Investor\'s Business Daily

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OJ to take stab at reality TV

Did not win Heisman in 1968. Did not score 16 touchdowns in 1975. Did not cut wife's head off in 1994.

(From Foxnews.com) It looks like O.J. Simpson wants to add a new title to his resume — reality TV star.

The ex-football star and double murder acquittee has been in touch with the producers of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” and is interested in appearing on the NBC reality show, a source close to the show confirmed for FOXNews.com.

No final decision has been made, the source said.

The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column first reported the story on Wednesday.

“Simpson really wants to do it. Trump and NBC are thinking about it, but are being very cautious,” the Page Six source said. “There’s a certain amount of heat associated with Simpson.”

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General bitching (kind of)

  • Please stop with the Jim Romeism.  I just had a conversation with a friend at work where he complained about “hockey fan”.  My brother used “Vol fan thinks that…” last weekend.  *(Points added right back for making fun of UT fans though)  Local sports radio uses this stupid phrase, line, word all the time.  This coyote has fallen off of the cliff while chasing the roadrunner.  Enough already! 
  • Bob Knight was fired from IU after a few decades of winning, a perfect season, National Championships, and a stellar graduation rate.  Two coaches later, they are no longer Indiana Basketball. (link)  Oh, and the man that fired Knight?  He’s now busy making sure no Indians are offended by 100 year old college mascots, Oklahoma and Ohio State are always ready to lose big BSC games, and women’s rowing teams have their sandwiches cut diagonally on long road trips since there are just too many money making men’s sports out there.
  • The NFL is bulletproof, Roger Goodell is a genius, and the Big 10 is still over-rated.  Bill Belichick tapes game time play signals, pregame warm-ups, practices, his neighbors cookouts, local theatre, and whatever else he wants, Goodell has the tapes destroyed, and is called to Capital Hill to splain himself.  This splaining will be to Senator Arlen Spector.  Oh, again, this splaining will be to Senator Arlen Spector while the three ring circus pulls up to town at the same hour in the form of the Clemens hearing.  So, Goodell looks at his schedule and decided Feb 13 would be a good day to meet with Pennsylvania’s answer to Grandpa Simpson.  Oh, and the Big 10 is always over-rated.  You can never say that enough.     

I’ve got to go.  Going to get some coffee before me and Redwing fan go to our sales team’s meeting. 

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Let’s set the record straight

Manning holding the Herndon Bowl Cup Proof of my dominance Mark holding the Bowl pick ‘em cup 

“5” taught me me to love the game.  Me and Train know how to pick bowl games.  TheFullBug has 2 in a row and is 3-2 overall!  How’s the professor, “5” doing? 0-5.  The Chicago Cubs of picking college bowl games lives with my sister-in-law.  Maybe next year.  Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee (cough) hee hee hmmmm  

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10 things that people should all just admit

  1. The Beatles were not that good.  Shut-up already!
  2. O.J. Simpson cut his former wife’s head off.  He also killed that other dude.  If you were there that night, he would have killed you too.
  3. Under all the lipstick and stupid clothes, a lot of ’80’s metal bands had some really good musicians.
  4. First generation Asian people do value education more than the Americans that met them at the shore.
  5. Old school rap was awful.  They’d rap about anything!  (link) 
  6. New rap sucks much worse.  Was going to link but it was barely distinguishable.  I think it’s some sort of code or something. 
  7. Skittles are not an acceptable substitute for M&Ms.
  8. People should be allowed to run old woman who drive with little dogs in their laps off of the road.  Oh, and nobody cares about your grandchildren.
  9. Nobody can tell the difference between the two Darrens on Bewitched.
  10. Finally: The answer.  Mary Ann or Ginger?  Ms. Mary Anne Summers. (link)

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A few things I learned in December

Santa Claus IS real.  I know this because I stood behind him waiting to pee.  No mortal man would be able to go that long!  Lay off the eggnog, Nick!

$95.00 a night does not cover the high cost of local phone calls at the N. Little Rock Hampton Inn.    

When commenting on the “Introducing the vanilla Frosty” sign at Wendy’s, congratulating the dude at the window for inventing the vanilla shake is funnier to you than him. 

The Arizona State band has the most homo looking uniforms I’ve ever seen on a marching band.  Looks kind of like a local cable access gay super hero TV show outfit.     

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Mike and Mike and Jesus

While listening to ESPN radio this morning I heard Mike Greenberg wish Peter Gammons a Merry Christmas.  Two things immediately came to mind.  It was good to hear that people in the media will occasionally still say a centuries old holiday greeting and that the only time I heard it this year was from a Jewish guy from New York.  Is this some new angle on the only black people can say the “n” word idea?  If you are a Christian you can’t say it because you’re imposing your intolerance on others but if you are a Jew, that’s fine because you’re going home to light a menorah later?  Or could it be that a Jewish guy was talking to another American that likely celebrates a holiday celebrated by a gigantic majority of the country and wanted to wish him and his family a good Christmas?  Probably.  Hmmm Defender of my faith, Mike Greenberg?  That’s fine.  I’ll take it where I can get it.   

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday college football notes (during SEC championship game)

Watching (at the moment anyway) more orange shirts in LSU’s backfield than white.  Can’t help but think that Les Miles is Michigan bound.  ESPN reported that he accepted the job early in the day.  Miles held an impromptu press conference this afternoon announcing that he is the coach of LSU and will be next year.  Even money says that he replaces Saban who replaced Tuberville as the biggest liar in college football’s coaching ranks.  I say look for him to be in tears after a loss in Ann Arbor shouting the same brilliant things that came to mind when he was at Oklahoma State.  “I’d go to war with these men any day!”  Blah, blah, blah

Speaking of nutballs from Stillwater, OK… Fox Sports Net reported this AM that Oklahoma State gave a one year extension to head coach, Mike Gundy.  He’s a man.  He’s 40.  He still has a job.  Next?  Well, beat the Sooners.  Gundy never has as a player or a coach.  If he doesn’t soon, he may have to light himself on fire at a press conference to keep his job.  Advice?  Don’t pull that trick yet.  Next year, juggle for a while.  Build up to the fire thing.  Remember, you’re just 40.  You’ve got a lot of losing to Oklahoma left in you.   

“3/4 of this is inaccarate” but  100% of this video is still funny!

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