…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Carlin said it best with “shell shock”.

The Huffington Post just ran an article where they called pro-lifers “abortion rights opponents”. Clever (kind of). We used to be called pro-life then “anti-abortion” then “anti-choice” now this? Why not just call us zealots that oppose a person who escaped the prenatal scalpel, acid, or a vacuum to do this same thing just described their children? Doesn’t roll off the tongue but… I’m so tired of the left controlling our language.

I apologize to the millions that have died while I opposed this and voted for the other guy but never said much.


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Go, Barry!

I’m inspired that my president is talking baseball with Tim and Joe in the press box of the All-Star game. Maybe he can make that his job. Now. Please.

Oh, it’s inspiring because he’s half white and I’m white and it’s not racists when white people notice that or is it black people? I forget who’s allowed to notice race. I’m pretty sure it’s me.

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Dedicate one to the ladies… Now summertime’s here babe, need somethin’ to keep you cool

PETA Urges Ben & Jerry’s To Use Human Milk (link)

Man, I can’t wait to see the names of this stuff!  Boob Berry? Butter Cups?

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Thanks for the info, NAVS

Heard a PSA last week for a “cruelty free” shopping guide.  Ordered it here(link).  They claim in their stupid commercial that I can take it with me when I go shopping to help me buy items that were not tested on animals.  I say “stupid” because evidently this family lives in a house full of animal tested things and they are using the guide to find out what to wash their hair with. 

Anyway… I printed my guide this morning.  No more looking at the bottle in stores to see if these people choose to use me as a guinea pig on their stuff.  I have actually not purchased things in the past because they claim that they don’t test on animals.  No amount of feeling good about myself because I am saving the planet one furry rodent at a time will ease the pain of a burning scalp in the shower because some company didn’t want to cram it down a rabbit’s throat.  I think they would sell more shampoo if they set aside half of their label to explain that they fed a duck 2 pounds of this stuff and all he did was quack bubbles.  “We shaved 30 cats with this shaving creme and all we got was naked cats.  Buy our shaving creme!”


  1. this is stupid. you can’t be serious! why do conservatives and lazy people think that being nice to other beings makes you less of a person? the better question is what would you do if someone did experiements on your parents or your kids? what harm would it do to be nicer to all gods creatures? Comment by Jen | August 25, 2008 @ 2:42 pm

**Addendum – Thanks for the note, Jen.  This is a female friendly site and you’re always welcomed here! 

As for your stupid-ass comment, My parents and children have souls. If you are the same “Jen” that made those brilliant and enlightened comments about abortion a few months ago, you disagree with me that this is important, I know.  So, let’s put it a different way.  My parents and kids are smart enough not to drink 6 pounds of liquefied eye shadow.  At least my parents and one of my kids are.  That’s the rub.  I’d rather a lab rat get the effects of those fat free Doritos before unsuspecting Americans dig into them.  That is what happens when they don’t test.  You think a test monkey would have okay’d Crystal Pepsi?  No way.

I’m not saying I want “Super Extra Cruelty Tested” products tested on the furriest of bunnies.  Although… I’m getting a good idea.  That will be another post.  I’m just saying that I’d rather have a few dead mice, rats, pigeons, opossums, bats, frogs, chickens, beavers, owls, horses, cats, whales… name it than Mrs. Fullbug come into the kitchen and find out the mortgage is all hers now oh, and the peach flavored yogurt yum yums in a cup is poisonous.  Cruelty free but poisonous. 

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Wait till I tell you about the pound of blow they had to snort for the good of the people

Suspended cop: Sex with prostitute wasn’t fun, it was work (link)

Thank you, Beaumont, TX for providing us with today’s cop story.  I miss the days when police just pulled kids over on 12th street in Moore, OK and harassed them about a broken tail light.  But these dudes… Man, they really go all in for their work! 



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I guess Hillary Clinton was right They ARE an important part of our economy

Amid a surge of American kidnappings at the U.S.-Mexico border, a survivor’s story. (link)

As Mrs. FullBug said last night when we saw this story on CNN; “They’re doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.  Think of all that ransom money going uncollected.  Why can’t we just leave them alone and let them try to make a living?”  Then she called me a racist for saying that I’d rather illegals from another country not kidnap Americans and demand money for their safe return.

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Is this the right question?

Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess

Does Sony’s cartoony castle game cross the line? (link)

Saw this article online today.  Odd thing to upset the fems over.  Sure, it does add to the stereotypes and the minds of little girls, big girls, and people in general over body image.  As a fat guy with a blog, I understand.  I do.  Really.  But is this the biggest problem?

I guess you pick your wars.  Pointing fingers at the Japanese (who don’t understand our culture) and provide us with hour after hour of great video of their ridiculous pop culture game shows is easier than looking at the enemy within.  So, I’ll sign up.  Booo filling a princess with cholorestrol.  Hooray Grand Theft Auto for giving extra points for stabbing hookers after you steal their money and beat them!  Japan, when will you learn?  Steal a Corvette and drive over a woman on the street, highest selling game of the year, not a peep from the fems.  Feed a princess some cake slathered with 7 minute frosting, get picketed.  God bless ugh… Nevermind. 

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What Else Jesse Jackson Said on That FNC Tape

Jackson_7_16.jpgFrom Mediabistro.net today: A TVNewser has been sent the transcript of what Jesse Jackson said Sunday morning July 6, as he prepared for an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend. Below is the partial transcript we received in our tips box, and confirmed to be authentic by Fox News Channel representatives.

Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling n—s how to behave.

So, yes. Jesse Jackson did use the “N” word. But it was not directed at Barack Obama. Fox News and Bill O’Reilly have maintained there was more on the tape, but that the un-aired portion was not relevant to the issue at hand: about whether Obama was “talking down” to the black community.

Wow!  Two things come to mind.  One- Jackson is an enormous racist and racists usually use the word “nigger”.  No real sup rises here.  Second thing- Are we to assume that it is okay to call the entire black community “nigger” but since he didn’t call Obama “nigger” that’s okay? 

Where are you now, Sharpton?  Get your marching shoes on.  I would say time to demand Jessie’s job like you did Don Imus (never said “nigger”) but since Jackson’s job is stirring racism making millions from Rainbow PUSH and appearing on TV with you, I won’t hold my breath.  Want to bet you’d be hearing something about this if Limbaugh or ANY other white conservative say this.  Remember the conversation Rusty Griswold had with the girl in Germany on European Vacation?  “Those bells haven’t rung in years…they’re going to hang somebody”

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Finally! Someone has had enough of the crooked New Orleans police dept!

The face of corruption

The face of corruption

Never mind your stories of mass abandonment and looting from police “officers” during Katrina.  Looks like the days of bribery and unbridled corruption throughout the NOPD is over!  See story below.


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…and the Dems want the gov to provide my healthcare?!

Shock:  IRS Flooded With Calls About Stimulus Checks (link)

Maybe the US Post Office can start delivering pizza too.  I think I’m going to quit my job and let them do everything!     

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Move over, John Dean

A little laugh out loud material from Scott McClellan’s little book excerpt read at yesterday’s press love in.  According to McClellan:

The President didn’t do enough in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina?  (sigh) The latest stupid ass to make this claim.  These people had 3 days warning!  Three days.  The New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor (both Dems) sat there and watched the clouds roll in then watched the hundreds of city owned buses get buried up to the little bluebird decal in Lake Pontchartrain water.  I’m not clear what Bush was supposed to do.  Local officials didn’t seem to care until the cameras started to rolled and the town got looted and destroyed beyond recognition.  But that was the President’s fault.       

The President lied about the war.  First things first.  I have several problems with this president but this isn’t about his book.  It’s about McClellan’s.  This was the president’s press secretary.  He stood up every morning to the press and to the nation and announced positions and defended statements that NOW he claims were lies and cover ups?  So, this man is a liar at best.  

This smells like the worst form of profit taking that the libs bitch about so vehemently from evil, soulless, children’s soul stealing CEOs.  Unlike fellow former Bushies Paul O’Neill and Richard Clarke, this guy has dirty hands.  They were certainly opportunists but McClellan stoked a fire, added wood, then yelled “FIRE” at $19.95 a copy.     

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Thanks, Marcy. You’re adorable.

Listening to talk radio today and heard a consumer type news break thing.  “Marcy” from Barrons Magazine had a report to tell me that my government check should be here shortly.  I’m pulling my hair out over this!  “You may have already received some free money from the government” spouts Marcy.  Free money?  Have we really gone this far?  The Dems and well… Over the last 5 years or so, the Repubs too have confiscated money from me all year long and have graciously decided to let me have some of it back like some peasant holding out a hand to a benevolent king!  I would say that there is some tea about to be dumped into Boston Harbor but it’s not.  When I see people still living in trailers in New Orleans and refusing to leave because the government owes them and a reporter from what was once a RESPONSIBLE, BUSINESS journal like Barrons says something so fundamentally stupid as government giving me money… We’re done.  I say, get to the airport early to get a window seat on the hand basket.  Now, I’m just kind of sick.      

Apologies to a friend Clay Wood (link).  His nut ball buddy, Ron Paul doesn’t seem to give a damn that radical Islam wants those bunch of aid giving, nation building, food program establishing, Americans dead but he wants to get rid of the IRS.  I’m rethinking my lukewarm, half-assed McCain support.     

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two and a half hours with 5 and no college football mentioned?!

Met 5 for lunch then across the way to Starbucks for some coffee and conversation. Snapped this pic of the fireplace while 5 hit the bathroom. The following is the list of categories on this blog. I’ve scratched through the ones we didn’t hit on. Great day!  *Bold type indicates when we spent the most time.  (not listed story of me almost killing myself with a gasoline fire in my backyard from the day before)   

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What would you do?

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Alright, already! We get it!

More Hillary BS

I’ve passed this Hillary sign everyday on the way to work for about a month now.  Today, this dude decided that people just weren’t getting it.

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“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” Ronald Reagan, 1962

Wha had happen?

Watching the results from Ohio and Texas roll in.  Pretty amazing.  It’s hard to imagine how this is happening.  *Quick disclaimer: I was a Hunter supporter then, Thompson, then… started to store up aluminum foil to make my family pointed hats like my buddy, Clay (here).  I really did consider Paul for a few minutes.  Then, I just kind of pouted for a month or two.

My party has just nominated Senator John McCain.  The same McCain that teamed with Ted Kennedy on immigration “reform”.  A less than exhaustive list of why this guy is no conservative is listed here. (link)    

Thank you, Travis for getting always being hungry

I went to visit my buddy, Travis Few and his wife Shelly in Oxford, Mississippi in 1994.  I decided I needed a tattoo since I was in a cool college town and tattoos were still illegal to get in the republic of Oklahoma.  I was going to get a Republican elephant on my arm.  That would be cool.  I had worked on campaigns.  I was a one-time officer of the College Republicans.  I even held a cool party job after that trip.  Travis got hungry and wanted to get some chicken on a stick. (link) <– Worth the click  That and the fact the the Hello Kitty tat was taking too long on the tipsy little princess in the chair AND the line was still long at midnight… We went home (after some tasty chick on a stick).  That alone separates me from the dudes out there with the REO Speedwagon Forever tattoos. 

So, what’s a brother to do?

I don’t think I’m a Republican for the first time in my life.  I actually respect the Dems for their honesty.  They are going to open the borders even wider.  They are going to confiscate more of my paycheck to give away to whoever they think deserves my salary more than me.  But they are telling us that.  McCain will do it dressed in an uncomfortable Republican suit.  

I root for Hillary to pull out Texas and Ohio.  Beat the crap out of each other.  Spend all of their money.  Dirty each other up and limp in to the general election for (sigh) the New York Times’ endorsed, John McCain to win this thing.

I’m going to bed.     

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Goodbye to an American thinker. William F. Buckley (1925-2008)

Rest in peace, William

Just a small sample from Buckley:

“Back in the thirties we were told we must collectivize the nation because the people were so poor. Now we are told we must collectivize the nation because the people are so rich.” 

“There is an inverse relationship between reliance on the state and self-reliance.” 

“I would like to electrocute everyone who uses the word “fair” in connection with income tax policies.” 

“Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples’ money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people’s freedom and security.” 

“I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arrived at yesterday at the voting booth.” 

“The majority of the senior class of Vassar does not desire my company and I must confess, having read specimens of their thought and sentiments, that I do not desire the company of the majority of the senior class of Vassar.” 

“Truth is a demure lady, much too ladylike to knock you on your head and drag you to her cave. She is there, but people must want her, and seek her out.”

Not new to this bandwagon (Link)

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me about 20 times, I must be the Atlanta Falcons.

Federal judge rules Vick can keep more than $16 million in bonus money

Good.  The Atlanta Falcons deserve it.  Understand that this is coming from a guy that grew up with a Steve Bartkowski poster in his room.  I was a Falcons fan.  No more.  I haven’t been for a while now.  Now this?  Why are people going nuts that Vick is getting to keep the money?  Are the Atlanta Falcons shocked that Vick is sitting in a prison and his team went 4-12 last year?  They drafted this thug, looked the other way at the pot busts, encouraged the gang member entourage to not “make Vick do things ” he wouldn’t normally do, and issued an apology for misunderstood their QB when he flipped off the fans that willingly allow Arthur Blank extort their money for this guy.  

Pay up, boys.  This is what you wanted.          

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Authorities are still waiting for the couple to finish throwing up before commenting

Twins separated at birth met and married 

LONDON (Reuters) – A couple discovered after they had married that they were twins who had been split up at birth and adopted by separate families, according to a member of Britain’s House of Lords.  Story here 

Left out is the transcript of the couple’s last conversation: “I love that movie!” “Ohmigod, I do too!” “What’s that? We have the same birthday? Man, the similarities never end here (nervous laugh).”  “Yeah (looking out the window with an ‘oh sh*t look’).”

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Mike and Mike and Jesus

While listening to ESPN radio this morning I heard Mike Greenberg wish Peter Gammons a Merry Christmas.  Two things immediately came to mind.  It was good to hear that people in the media will occasionally still say a centuries old holiday greeting and that the only time I heard it this year was from a Jewish guy from New York.  Is this some new angle on the only black people can say the “n” word idea?  If you are a Christian you can’t say it because you’re imposing your intolerance on others but if you are a Jew, that’s fine because you’re going home to light a menorah later?  Or could it be that a Jewish guy was talking to another American that likely celebrates a holiday celebrated by a gigantic majority of the country and wanted to wish him and his family a good Christmas?  Probably.  Hmmm Defender of my faith, Mike Greenberg?  That’s fine.  I’ll take it where I can get it.   

Merry Christmas!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just watched this year’s hysteria from Moonanum James (Co-Leader of United American Indians of New England).  He was working up the the crowd of tens of people that are going to march tomorrow to disrupt the festivities at Plymouth Rock.  These people are interesting.  He was wearing bifocals (invented by Ben Franklin), talking into equipment (invented by Marconi and Edison), wearing Lands End and NIKE clothes, and had just climbed out of a car made in Detroit.  Tomorrow when he goes home and complains that Dallas got a bad call in the football game on his plasma, I hope he saves some of that bitterness for the refs.

I was going to write a hunk about the sacrifice the pilgrims made when they left religious persecution in Europe to come to the new world. It would have probably included the part where they arrived, weathered the harsh New England Winter of 1620, and went on to create a civilization that would start out with a handful of pilgrims and 250 years later dominate the world economy. 

There are people at my church, office, on TV, and all over print media that proclaim daily the tyranny of having to live in America.  They champion the lifestyles of those in 3rd world countries that have a more relaxed and stress free life.  They pitch most of the European economies as superior with their palatable socialism and mandatory 3 months of vacation time.  All while shopping in stores crammed full of any product you could imagine and the daily bombardment of evidence of God’s grace on this land. 

You bet I’m thankful this Thanksgiving.  Thankful to those that risked their lives to make the trip.  I am thankful to the men that forcefully broke ties when the colonies became too much to handle from a throne in England.  But these days I am most thankful for the handful in this country that still have the courage to stand and say; “your welcomed” to all those that have been given a platform and jobs that depend on tearing down and decrying the horribleness of this land. 

Bookmark this site.  When it becomes so bad that you just can’t take it, come on back and follow the links below.  Flights are leaving every hour.

Try here here here and here.  Shop around for the best rates.  Maybe try one of those travel sites.  Good luck and God bless, Pilgrim!

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