…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Has it come to this? Defending Christmas?

Yesterday on my Facebook feed there were three consecutive posts about the pending Christmas season.  They were all predictable. Coming too early, too “commercial”, some in the comments were griping about the holiday itself.

So, allow me to interject a fact into the current mania.  Christmas is good.  Christmas is necessary.  And even if you deny the existence of a Christ, you benefit from Christmas.

Before this generation in the US, this holiday was so ingrained into our culture that it was our culture.  Hollywood legends, Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart’s vast film careers can be crystallized into two Christmas movie roles that are as indelible in our culture as Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (that ends with a Christmas celebration) or Charlie Brown’s little tree.  Christmas wasn’t an event; it was a day that the world stopped.  We need that stop.  Desperately.

We have as a society hardened to the truth.  We wait for nothing and anticipate even less.  I am among the worst at this.  I make busy work sometimes.  I check box scores on my phone because I don’t want to wait for the DVR version that I have waiting for me at home.  And I look at my watch during events that I should be enjoying.  I live in a world that doesn’t have time for anything but seems eternally bored.

Well, this is my Christmas 2013.  I will love my family, call my friends, wave at the neighbors, and be thankful that I live in a place that will allow me to do so.  This isn’t the day of the birth of my savior.  It is however, the day that we celebrate the coming.  I give gifts to symbolize the gift of salvation to my children who no longer believe in Santa.  I will build a fire and eat too much.  I know that even those here that are not believers (that will take the day for what it has been for hundreds of years in America) will share too in the blessing that is Christmas Day.

Bring the commercials!  Sell me stuff I don’t need.  And fill my house with reminders that Linus was right on.  “For unto you is born this day in the City of David a savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

An early Merry Christmas to all my FB friends and to friends of the blog.


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  1. BRAVO, brother. Well said

    Comment by lucastee | October 29, 2013 | Reply

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