…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Alright, already! We get it!

More Hillary BS

I’ve passed this Hillary sign everyday on the way to work for about a month now.  Today, this dude decided that people just weren’t getting it.


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These rays have had it! HAD IT!

The Crocodile Hunter was just the beginning.  (link) <– Click me!  Click me!

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“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” Ronald Reagan, 1962

Wha had happen?

Watching the results from Ohio and Texas roll in.  Pretty amazing.  It’s hard to imagine how this is happening.  *Quick disclaimer: I was a Hunter supporter then, Thompson, then… started to store up aluminum foil to make my family pointed hats like my buddy, Clay (here).  I really did consider Paul for a few minutes.  Then, I just kind of pouted for a month or two.

My party has just nominated Senator John McCain.  The same McCain that teamed with Ted Kennedy on immigration “reform”.  A less than exhaustive list of why this guy is no conservative is listed here. (link)    

Thank you, Travis for getting always being hungry

I went to visit my buddy, Travis Few and his wife Shelly in Oxford, Mississippi in 1994.  I decided I needed a tattoo since I was in a cool college town and tattoos were still illegal to get in the republic of Oklahoma.  I was going to get a Republican elephant on my arm.  That would be cool.  I had worked on campaigns.  I was a one-time officer of the College Republicans.  I even held a cool party job after that trip.  Travis got hungry and wanted to get some chicken on a stick. (link) <– Worth the click  That and the fact the the Hello Kitty tat was taking too long on the tipsy little princess in the chair AND the line was still long at midnight… We went home (after some tasty chick on a stick).  That alone separates me from the dudes out there with the REO Speedwagon Forever tattoos. 

So, what’s a brother to do?

I don’t think I’m a Republican for the first time in my life.  I actually respect the Dems for their honesty.  They are going to open the borders even wider.  They are going to confiscate more of my paycheck to give away to whoever they think deserves my salary more than me.  But they are telling us that.  McCain will do it dressed in an uncomfortable Republican suit.  

I root for Hillary to pull out Texas and Ohio.  Beat the crap out of each other.  Spend all of their money.  Dirty each other up and limp in to the general election for (sigh) the New York Times’ endorsed, John McCain to win this thing.

I’m going to bed.     

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THAT’S why my tech support rep started crying when I asked him to fix my printer!

RIP this guy<- (link)

Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, according to Stephen Chenault, CEO of Troll Lord Games.

Gygax designed the original D&D game with Dave Arneson in 1974, and went on to create the Dangerous Journeys and Lejendary Adventure RPGs, as well as a number of board games. He also wrote several fantasy novels.

“I don’t think I’ve really grokked it yet,” said Mike Mearls, the lead developer of the upcoming 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. “He was like the cool uncle that every gamer had. He shaped an entire generation of gamers.”

Cool uncle? 

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How come when I went to Netflix this morning to see when I’m getting “The Life Aquatic”…

I got a pop-up for Netflix?  Are they making fun of me?     

Netflix pop-up

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