…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Let’s set the record straight

Manning holding the Herndon Bowl Cup Proof of my dominance Mark holding the Bowl pick ‘em cup 

“5” taught me me to love the game.  Me and Train know how to pick bowl games.  TheFullBug has 2 in a row and is 3-2 overall!  How’s the professor, “5” doing? 0-5.  The Chicago Cubs of picking college bowl games lives with my sister-in-law.  Maybe next year.  Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee (cough) hee hee hmmmm  


January 28, 2008 - Posted by | College Football, Spare time, Sports, Stuff


  1. […] thefullbug wrote a fantastic post today on “Letâs set the record straight”Here’s ONLY a quick extractProof of my dominance. “5″ taught me me to love the game. Me and Train know how to pick bowl games. 2 in a row and 3-2 overall! “5″? 0-5. The Chicago Cubs of picking college bowl games lives with my sister-in-law. […]

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  2. Isn’t this the guy who leaves his trademark “the greatest” on notes to his little bro? Phyllis shouldn’t be able to tag any notes, emails, or otherwise until he can show some form of victory. No worries Philicia, you could always concentrate on the WNBA, or the Women’s NCAA tournament is coming up soon too. Stick to things us men aren’t going to wager on and you should be safe. Major League Soccer Brackets are always popular amongst your kind!!

    Comment by Southernsons | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. I know that most of you who read this blog don’t even know I exist. That’s ok. I just have 1 comment to make. The ‘greatest’ has been saying he’s the greatest since about the 7th grade, when our next door neighbor let him kiss her. Don’t be fooled. He’s still living on old laurels. As for FB and Train…I gotta say they have amazed me with their predictions over the last few years. I’m rootin’ for ya, Train. Sorry, FB, but he’s just a little kid.

    Comment by FullBug & the 'greatest's' sister | January 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. […] I am it.  As you may recall I’m sort of a big deal when it comes to picking college football games. (link)  Please see the above picture of 2006’s award ceremony with Rob (Milli) and […]

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  5. […] See also Link provided  <–  […]

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