…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

Let’s set the record straight

Manning holding the Herndon Bowl Cup Proof of my dominance Mark holding the Bowl pick ‘em cup 

“5” taught me me to love the game.  Me and Train know how to pick bowl games.  TheFullBug has 2 in a row and is 3-2 overall!  How’s the professor, “5” doing? 0-5.  The Chicago Cubs of picking college bowl games lives with my sister-in-law.  Maybe next year.  Ha ha ha ha ha hee hee (cough) hee hee hmmmm  


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Man, talk about an instructor who really goes overboard with the examples!

Survivors required to come back for refresher course. *Click here*

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10 things that people should all just admit

  1. The Beatles were not that good.  Shut-up already!
  2. O.J. Simpson cut his former wife’s head off.  He also killed that other dude.  If you were there that night, he would have killed you too.
  3. Under all the lipstick and stupid clothes, a lot of ’80’s metal bands had some really good musicians.
  4. First generation Asian people do value education more than the Americans that met them at the shore.
  5. Old school rap was awful.  They’d rap about anything!  (link) 
  6. New rap sucks much worse.  Was going to link but it was barely distinguishable.  I think it’s some sort of code or something. 
  7. Skittles are not an acceptable substitute for M&Ms.
  8. People should be allowed to run old woman who drive with little dogs in their laps off of the road.  Oh, and nobody cares about your grandchildren.
  9. Nobody can tell the difference between the two Darrens on Bewitched.
  10. Finally: The answer.  Mary Ann or Ginger?  Ms. Mary Anne Summers. (link)

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TheFullBug’s birthday is Feb 1.

I am registered here and here

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More notes while watching American Idol (again)

  • According to Paul Stafford of Crosby, TX “Simon goes down on just about everyone”
  • I just saw Simon take a drink.  I only remember seeing one of them ever touch any of those cups.  Paula gave someone a drink on a show on a previous season.  It wasn’t Coke though.  It was clear.  I’m guessing vodka.     
  • The dude from Mississippi (with the fingernails) sounded good.  I was surprised at the reaction.
  • I have watched my last dude in a dress.  Going to bed. 

Judging by the search terms to get to the Bug…  I’m not the only 12 year old that laughed at this. 

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Notes while watching American Idol tonight

  • Did the dude from Egypt on American Idol just say: “I want to love a girl from the hair to the nipple.”?  [Hitting TIVO] Yes.  Yes, he did.
  • MC Hammer and Randy buy their glasses at the same place.
  • Milo Turk (dude with the fuzzy vest) was ripped off. A bald guy with a porn star mustache singing about not having sex?  And they are not even going to vote on him?  
  • Bearded men simply do not wear enough capes.  I’m not just talking about the Dell tech support dude dressed in the crazy bikini.  I just mean that in general. 
  • The chick in the gold with the big white hat looks exactly like JJ ‘Kid Dy-no-mite’ Walker.  Not that this is bad.  Just exactly like JJ, that’s all.
  • I think they should let the girl with the glitter that is going to go into “actressing” and the Princess Leah chick with the polka dots wrestle for a ticket to Hollywood. 
  • The cage fighting chick from Oregon and the kid with the dreads from Delaware look like an early favorites.

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Authorities are still waiting for the couple to finish throwing up before commenting

Twins separated at birth met and married 

LONDON (Reuters) – A couple discovered after they had married that they were twins who had been split up at birth and adopted by separate families, according to a member of Britain’s House of Lords.  Story here 

Left out is the transcript of the couple’s last conversation: “I love that movie!” “Ohmigod, I do too!” “What’s that? We have the same birthday? Man, the similarities never end here (nervous laugh).”  “Yeah (looking out the window with an ‘oh sh*t look’).”

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I’m holding out for the $3,500 3 BR house

How come when I read this,

I immediately thought of this? 

Nice ride

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