…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

When Aaron Ivey comments on your blog

…and an unregistered user comments after him, it puts this crazy looking hat on him.  I can’t decide if it’s a party hat or that Pope hat.  Either way, Ivey had to plan this.  Well done, AI of www.aaronivey.com

Party boy


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Saturday morning college football thoughts

A mid-season look at a few questions

  • How come at 2-6 against Oklahoma, all the media could say after last Saturday’s game was that Stoops finally stopped this losing streak against Texas and not… Texas back to taking yearly beatings from Oklahoma? 
  • Is the Big 10 really that bad?
  • How did USC get beaten by a one loss Standford at home and stay in the top 10?
  • How bad does Brian Brohm’s decision to go back to college after his great Jr season look now?
  • Why does the media always demand a little sister to prop up? Enjoy your turn, USF
  • Is it going to take a pitchfork and flaming torch mob at the offices of the NCAA to finally get a playoff to determine a champion?  On second thought, nobody would watch that.  Just look at it.  The first game (as it stands this morning).  Nobody wants to see a re-match of that slugfest from Baton Rouge.  Let’s stick with the BCS.  That always works out great!  [negative]

Brackets don’t work in basketball and they won’t here.

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