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26+ days of a fever and a birthday party

Master of the shutter, Steven Bush

Been a while, but you can’t rush art!  Thanks to all for the e-mails, calls, hateful notes tied to bricks found under a broken window in my living-room, and questions about me and the blog.  I’m back.  Quick catch up then back to regular posting on Monday. 

September showed me a lot.  I have a very understanding boss at work, a very determined wife, and a few close friends that have kept me in the game lately. 

Mrs. Fullbug had a birthday party on the 10th.  It was planned for almost 6 weeks. China flatware, rented tables, catered Italian food, music, strung up lights in the back yard, big birthday cake, and dozens of worried calls to the sister-in-law, Mrs. 5.  Oh yeah… Violent thunderstorms on the day of the party.  Son-of-a-*$#@!!!!  Back to the good friends part.  Three of these dudes and “5″ kicked my fever having head into gear and made a game time decision to scrap the outside part and bring it all in.

Party Brothers Gibb Cake

Thanks to some quick work by Clay, Aaron, Jimmie, Bush, and “5”, things turned out great and I stood there wondering why God gave a dork like me these great friends and a brother that made sure this party wasn’t a bust!  Oh, and this just in… The dude above with the earring can SING!   He had the line of the month after agreeing to sing Mrs. Fullbug’s favorite song. (On my cell phone still) “Who sings How Deep is Your Love? *aaron” Extra points for not knowing this!

If all goes well, looks like I’m heading out soon to finally get some specific medical help for the problem behind the fevers and leg problems.  This part has been a long road and I will give some details on a new website soon.  Thanks to what is likely one of the greatest wives in the world, looks like I’m finally going to get well or at least get on the road there. 


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5 things I learned over the Labor Day weekend.

5. Tennessee and Michigan still have a chance to meet in a bowl game. Just not that bowl game.

4. Having an infection and a high fever most of the weekend is even less fun than it sounds.

3. Eating hamburgers at 5’s house is a fine way to spend a holiday evening.

2. Seeing or hearing about number 81 for Florida State still makes me giggle. STILL.

1. Soundgarden is just not the same coming out of my 5 year olds Hello Kitty radio.

Spoonman does not sound the same


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