…the parrots begin to jabber

This is what Willis was talking about!

We-e-e-elll… la-de-freakin’-da! …is that Bill Shakespeare over there?

I ran across this pic last week while online.  This kid may be Farley! Farley


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If not us… then who?

I love the PBS tag-line above almost as much as I love paying for this crap.  Well, paying for it may not be the term.  I’ve never gotten a bill.  Wait! Yes, I do.  Every April 15.  Every time I hear the slogan, I think, A&E? The History Channel? Nickelodeon? Animal Planet? Discovery? All of these channels are making money based on fundamental market forces. Air programming that people are willing to watch.  *Enough people that advertisers will be willing to pay for their existence.  I suppose the Nixon administration was scared that I would grow up stupid and decided sometime before I was born that the government should get into the broadcasting business so a giant, effeminate yellow bird could teach me to read.

I only mention this because “Pie” is watching Antiques Roadshow.  Cool show.  I suspect that this would be a hit on any of the other networks mentioned above.  Then I hear; “Roadshow, brought to you by Subaru, Travelers Insurance, and Lunesta”.  So, I’m paying for this AND they are getting ad rev from corporations?  Sweet gig for them, I guess.  Didn’t Alex Keaton’s Dad manage a PBS station on Family Ties?  I know this because I wasn’t watching NOVA.  I prefer my propaganda the old fashioned way. Government funded mouthpieces.  Oh, wait… 

Big ups to Pie for the nod of the night.  “Lunesta? That’ll put you to sleep too.  Why would PBS accept advertising from a competitor?”  I love that woman!

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